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What is Shared Power and How Does It Work?

Jun. 22, 2021

Sharing economy is a very popular economic concept in recent years. In this concept, idle resources are the first and most crucial element, and the sharing economy is developing rapidly in China. Recently, projects such as shared mobile power, shared umbrellas, shared bicycles, shared cars, etc. have emerged.

How to use?

1、Find Shared Power Bank Station in restaurants, shopping malls, train stations and other public places

2、Scan the QR code and follow the payment or deposit instructions, the mobile power will pop up and ready to use

3、After use, find an empty dock on the mobile station map and return it

Shared Power Bank

Shared Power Bank

Structure of shared power supply

Shared charging power is generally divided into three parts: charging station, charging power, client APP and back-end server.

On the hardware side, the charging station adopts a low-power MCU solution to realize the intelligent management of the shared charging power. the MCU is connected to the back-end server. There is an agreed communication protocol between them. For example, after the consumer returns the rechargeable treasure, the server sends commands to the charging station for charging. The device supports domestic telecom 4G IOT card to ensure signal unlocking.

Regarding the safety of the mobile power, the battery supports 5V output short-circuit protection, internal over-current and short-circuit protection. The rated input of the mobile power battery can automatically balance the charging current according to the input 5V charging capacity. In addition, the rated output of the mobile power battery can be balanced according to the load capacity.

Application Scenario

Shared Power Bank supply is usually installed in shopping malls, restaurants, train stations, airports and other crowded places. Cell phone is an essential device in people's life today, especially nowadays some people may also have "low battery anxiety". However, although mobile power can always ensure battery power, but it is not convenient to carry. If this time in the street can be seen everywhere to share charging treasure, then the phone can always be fully charged, people can also not "loaded" travel.

The number of mobile power units that can be placed in a station depends on the location of the device. 6-12 slots are suitable for stores or restaurants. The devices are usually small, compact and convenient. For places like shopping centers, a 20-108 slot powebank station is a better choice considering its size. We can place touch screens on it to make large mobile power stations into interactive kiosks and digital signage. A good human-machine interface and advertising screens will bring additional revenue to the business.


We usually use mobile power when our batteries are low. So how do we scan and rent mobile power when our phones run out of power? So far, my solution is to add the following features. We can set a button to bounce the charging cable on the charging station. It cannot be removed and charged for 2-3 minutes to ensure the phone is running properly on. Then we can use the rebooted phone to scan the code to complete the rental process.

The company provides shared charging station with various scenarios, please feel free to contact with Shared Power Bank Supplier if you need

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