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How About a Shared Power Bank?

Jun. 05, 2021

A Shared Power Bank can be used to some extent as an emergency measure when your phone runs out of power. However, there is still some room for discussion as to whether it is really practical.

First of all, we know nothing about the internal battery and other configuration parameters of these shared mobile power banks. And there is no guarantee whether it will cause damage to the phone's battery or even lead to a safety incident.

Shared Power Bank

Shared Power Bank

Second, paying a deposit, even if it can be returned and refunded at any time, is relatively expensive. This is not conducive to the popularity of shared services. Some people with stronger wariness may give up using shared power.

Third, similar to public charging stations, cell phone power sharing can be modified by poorly regulated criminals to steal consumers' background information, such as transaction history, passwords and other privacy.

Therefore, when choosing a Power Bank Sharing Provider, it is best to work with a company that has a high credit rating so that consumers do not have to worry about deposit refunds when using it and their user privacy data is well protected.

At the same time, companies should carefully choose Power Bank Rental Station. Generally speaking, power banks produced by manufacturers with high-quality technology and production equipment must be evaluated and tested by professional certification bodies. Therefore, the phone can be charged in compliance with the requirements and the product quality can be guaranteed.

In short, what should a shared power bank look like in your idea?

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