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Current Status of Shared Power Bank Market

May. 24, 2021

According to statistics, among Power Bank Rental, male users are the majority, accounting for about 71%. An interviewed user said: “I’m in charge of shopping with my girlfriend and she is in charge of shopping, and I’m responsible for playing and paying for the phone, and the battery must be guaranteed.”

Shared Power Banks

Shared Power Banks

In terms of user experience, there are now more shared charging products and more convenient to use. The unsuccessful rentals caused by problems such as poor communication signals in the past are rarely seen today. Most users can rent out deposit-free rentals through Sesame Credit free deposit and WeChat payment sub-free deposit. In terms of market recognition and user needs, Shared Power Banks are gradually becoming the "standard" of service-oriented stores and people's "first choice" for outdoor charging.

In 2018, global smartphone shipments exceeded 140 million units. China has surpassed the United States in 2018 with 357 million smartphone users to become the country with the largest number of smart mobile devices in the world. A professor in the field of electrochemistry pointed out that at present, lithium-ion battery technology research has been in a bottleneck stage for a long time, and the current lithium battery performance is very close to the theoretical value.

With the advent of the 5G era, high-power network transmission directly challenges the endurance of smartphones. The purpose of sharing the power bank is to solve people's outdoor electricity demand. At present, it seems to solve the problem of users' remote rental and time-sharing lease.

But in a more sense, the construction of the product network deepens the connection between the single power consumption scenarios. Will the shared power bank use 5G Dongfeng in the future to open up deeper life services, community retail, product customization, etc.? It is foreseeable that the demand for personal mobile phone charging in the public environment will be more vigorous in the future, and the market potential of the Shared Charging Industry will be unlimited.

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